Car Alarm System: Types of car alarms

When you enter a store alarms for cars, it is difficult to choose which to buy. The seller offers a variety of alarms and you always think you have a better than another. How do?
First you must analyze your needs and conditions. For example, if you use the car to work, park in several different places, in places with high danger, it is interesting to install an alarm that has several functions. But what is this.
Car Alarm with motion sensor function
In this case, after the fire alarm, if your car suffers any kind of motion, it triggers the horn, and in some cases warning sirens installed. This type of alarm is the alarm over by cars and used cars today.
Car alarm and warning light sensor cell
This type of alarm is the same as above and this has a "plus" is the warning by cell phone. If the car alarm is triggered, and the functions of siren, horn and alert, it sends an alarm message to your cell phone warning that their car is being stolen.
In alarm the need to have installed a phone for messages to be sent.
Car Alarm with ignition interlock
In the model with the ignition lock, when triggered alarm, those functions of the horn, siren, warning are triggered and, moreover, there is a blockage at the start of the car, preventing it is connected.
There are electric locks, mechanical locks, going to the interruption of fuel supply.
Alarm for car tracking
There are two types of tracking the car alarm. A mobile phone and another satellite.
The first uses a cell to perform the screening. This sends the coordinates of the location of the car to the master cell, so that it can perform the verification of the position thereof.
In the second type and depending on the model, the customer has to enter the GPS coordinates for verification. There is also possibility to search the internet using Google Earth and the like. In satellite tracking are specialized companies to do so, in which the support is responsible for search and seizure.
In all cases it is important to consider what type of car alarm meets your needs and your pocket.